Want to participant – Sell – with Kidzsignments but don’t have the time to prepare & tag your items?
 Check out our Convenient  options for the busy family

Our Express Tagging program is an alternative to traditional consigning. We’ll pick up your items, prepare them, drop them off and send you a check 2 weeks after the event. Or, if you want even less work, skip below to read about a new Buy-it-Now option!

We have TWO options for Express Tagging - Registrations completed after 9/17 subject to availability

OPTION 1Basic Tagging  - You give us your items to us ready to sell. We'll enter, tag and drop off for you!

To participate in either Express Tagging option your items MUST be prepared and dropped off to us as follows:

* Clothing MUST be freshly laundered and be in GOOD to EXCELLENT condition (free of excessive wear, stains holes etc)*
* Shoes should be in next-to-new condition and need to be zip tied or connected together*
  • * Toys must be clean, in good working order & complete (no missing pieces/parts)*
  • * Items with loose parts, accessories etc need to have those items placed inside baggies so they are not misplaced/lost
  • * Baby Equipment must be wiped clean and less than 6 years old

* Consignors may become ineligible for future tagging services If more than 20% of items are found to fall below quality standards (noted above)  

*** If either of the options above are still TOO much work, as us about our BUY IT NOW program***

Interested in Express Consigning?
Click the box below, fill out our form and we'll be in touch!

NOTE: Space is limited and we may not be able to accommodate sign ups within 2 weeks of our event.


Buy it Now!

Want to make it even easier on yourself? Consider our Buy-It-Now option. Make an appointment for us to pick up your things and well offer to BUY them from you! No tagging or waiting for a check. We make you an offer within 3 days that you can chose to accept or pass.

NOTE: Currently we are only accepting clothing sized 2T-8, books, limited toys, outdoor toys & Baby equipment.
Here's how it works

1. Complete the form below
2. We'll contact you & arrange pick up of your items
3. You'll receive an offer within 3 days with an offer to buy the items we know we can sell
4. Your choice to accept our offer or pick up your things
5. Donate the things we cannot buy or pick them up
6. We'll give you a check for the agreed upon offer

* NOTE: This is a limited availability program and may not be available within 2 weeks of our event

Interested in having us BUY your things? 
Click the box below, fill out our form and we'll be in touch!