Consignor FAQ

What is a children’s consignment sale?

A children’s consignment sale is a GREAT way for you to rid your home of the things your children have outgrown and earn some money. We are not a garage sale and you do not have be present during the sale to sell your items. You are consigning with us for a week (versus a season in a traditional store). We sell items on your behalf and handle everything from the venue & advertising to merchandising and shopper payments.  It is a fantastic opportunity to buy excellent quality children’s clothing, toys and more at amazing prices.

Why should I consign with you rather than host a yard sale?

Kidzsignments offers  advantages over garage sales. First, we offer tens of thousands of items in all different categories under one roof. A person would have to shop garage sales all year to find what they will at one of our events. Another advantage is quality. We inspect all items prior to putting them on the sales floor. People know they will find quality, name-brand items at our sale. People are willing to pay a little more for quality, name-brand items they will know they will find in excellent condition.

How do I register as a consignor?

If you would like to register for the upcoming sale please Click Here to register for the upcoming sale..

Is there a fee to consign?

Kidzsignments charges a non-refundable participation fee to each consignor. The fee to consign is $16.99 per sale. This is used to offset rent, insurance and other expenses.

Is my fee refunded if I change my mind about consigning?

No, registration fees are non-refundable but you may request to forward your fee to the next sale or season or taking it in the form of a shopper credit.

How much will I earn on sold items?

You will earn 60-75 % on all of your sold items (less an administrative fee collected at registration). Items are offered for sale at full-price during the pre sale and first 2 public sale days. You have the option to sell the remainder of your items at a 50% discount during the half price sale. You are NOT required to sell your items at the half-price sale.

What can I consign?

You may sell just about anything baby or child related. Items include, but are not limited to, clothing, shoes, outerwear, dress up, toys, dance outfits, uniforms, books, DVDs, infant gear, outdoor play, bikes, infant furniture and more. There are a few items we cannot accept including maternity clothing, breast pumps, car/booster seats, bike helmets and a few others. Refer to our Accepted Items page for specifics.

Do you accept maternity clothing?

No. We do not accepting maternity items. Maternity and nursing accessories will still be accepted.

Is there a limit to the number of items I may consign?

Yes. Due to space constraints we are limiting each consignor to a total of 350 total items. Consignors are limited to no more than 5 identical non-clothing items (identical items refer to non-clothing items only). We also have a limits on  children’s clothing 0-18 months (includes items marked 18/24 months) and footwear (limit of 15 pairs).

Do you limit baby items?

We limit each consignor to 25 clothing items per gender in sizes 0-18 months. Outerwear, costumes, shoes and swimwear are not included in the 25 item max. We will count infant at drop-off so only bring your best! If you are the parent of multiples, we will allow you to apply the limit per child. For example, if you have twin girls, you may consign a maximum of 25 items per child or 50 total. Remember, this only applies to clothing sizes 0-18 (anything marked 18/24 is considered size 18 months AND is included in this limit). -NOTE: This limit is NOT PER SIZE but 25 items combined total for items sized 0-18 months.

Are there items that you will NOT accept from consignors?

Yes. We will not accepted items recalled by the CPSIA or items that we deem are not in very good to excellent condition. Clothing must be free from stains, tears, pulls, fading and excessive wear. We will not accept car seats, breast pumps, maternity clothing, seats/boosters, bike helmets, opened or used undergarments, toy weapons or stuffed animals with the exception of battery operated (i.e. Tickle Me Elmo). No fast food toys. In addition, toys, videos or clothing depicting violence or profanity will not be accepted. Any item that does meet our strict criteria will be sent home at check-in. Items checked in that do not meet our strict criteria will be removed from the sales floor and discarded.

How do I know what to price my items?

You should price each item for at least $2 (minimal price per item is $1). We offer you some pricing suggestions on the website but as a general rule, you should price things 1/4 – 1/3 of their original retail price. Popular or name-brand items can be priced higher. You are the best judge, price an item for no more than you would be willing to pay for that same item.

Do you require clothing to be on hangers?

Yes. You will need to hang all clothing on WIRE hangers. These can be found at local dry cleaning stores and Walmart. Hangers can be found for free by posting a want ad on Craig’s List or Freecycle. PLEASE DO NOT USE THE PLASTIC OR  TUBULAR HANGERS OR PADDED HANGERS!

How Do I attach clothing to the wire hanger?

Clothing can be hung on either adult or child-size wire hangers. Sizes 4+ will hang nicely on the adult hangers. If you have infant to size 3, you may consider investing a few dollars in some children’s size wire hangers (WalMart). Adult-size hangers can be bent at the shoulder to accommodate smaller size clothing. Hang tops and dresses as you would normally. Pants should be pinned to the hanger like this:and outfits like this: Be sure not to pin pants to the shirt which may create a hole or tear in the top. Click here to see pictures and examples.

Will my hangers be returned to me?

No. In order to manage check-out lines we are unable to retain hangers. Any consignor is welcome to check with us at pick up about the availability of leftover hangers.

How can I earn the highest percentage – 75%?

Consignors earn a minimum of 60%. You will earn 65% by when you help for one 4-hour shift. We will increase your percentage to 75% when you help a total of 8 hours (two 4-hour shifts) Click Here for information on earning more.

Is there a deadline to enter and print my tags?

Yes. Each sale will have its own deadline which will be communicated to consignors ahead of time.  After that time, consignors will no longer have access to the system.

Will I be able to track my sales during the event?

Yes! Consignors will be able to track sales daily. Sales statistics will not be “live” but will be updated each morning before 9 am. Items sold on the same day as pick up will not marked as sold until 9am Monday morning.

When and where do I drop off my items before the sale?

Items may be dropped off to us as during the designated drop off days the week of the sale. We will communicate to you about drop off a week prior and will include specific instructions.

Will I need an appointment to drop off things?

Yes. All consignors will be required to schedule an appointment to drop off merchandise. Appointments are available on a first-come-first-serve basis and are scheduled online. IMPORTANT: If you neglect to schedule an appointment, miss an appointment or are more than 5 minutes late to an appointment, you may still check in during drop off times but will be asked to wait until current scheduled consignors are checked in. 

Do I have to pick up my items after the sale?

No. You may choose to donate all or selected items to local families in need or NJ based charities. All items not picked up by the designated deadline, regardless of the consignor’s preference, will be donated.

When must items be picked up?

Consignors need to arrange to pick up anything they do not want donated. Pick-up is Saturday immediately following our half price sale (unless otherwise designated). Specific times will be communicated to consignors prior to the event. IMPORTANT: We are no longer sorting items into piles at pick up. Sellers will need to pull items from the selling floor. We suggest you mark hangers and/or tags with something to make items stand out for you at pick up.

Will my items be sorted for me when I pick up?

We do not sort items for consignors at pick up. Consignors will be responsible for finding their items on the sales floor. We will have helpers available to help you, but you should come prepared with a list of what you want to pick up. We suggest you mark hangers and/or tags with something to make items stand out for you at pick up.

What if I don’t pick up my items on the pick up date?

Consignors are not required to pick up their items. By marking tags DONATE: YES, we will donate those items to charity. If your items are marked DONATE: NO and you DO NOT come to pick them up, we will donate those items to local charities. Sorry, No Exceptions.

Will Kidzsignments provide a tax receipt of items I donated?

Yes, consignors will have the ability to print a donation report from MySalesManager.NET. This report will be made available for a limited time after the most recent event. In addition, Kidzsignments will make available the names and tax id numbers of participating charities.

When will I receive payment for my sold items?

We will mail checks within 15 days of the close of the sale to the address you provided at registration. Please contact us if you have not received your check within 30 days.

Will you provide me with a list of items that sold?

If you would like to track the items that have sold you may use the reporting features the online features of our tagging service. After the conclusion of the sale we will upload a detailed report of what items sold and for what price (and what was sold full price versus discounted - if applicable)

What if I find that an item is missing?

We do our best to keep tabs on every item that comes through our doors. However we cannot be held responsible for items lost before, during or after the sale. The best defense against theft and loss is helpers. The more help we have on the floor, the less opportunity people have to steal.

Email with your questions!