Prep Your Items

At Kidzsignments, we pride ourselves on the quality of our sale. We accept only quality, clean and Gently-Used  items. Check clothing for stains, holes, missing buttons/snaps, broken zippers, fading etc. Toys MUST be clean, complete, working and include batteries (if applicable). Remember, if we find items checked in that do not meet our strict criteria (i.e. stained clothing, inappropriate toys, car seats etc.) they will be removed and donated or discarded at our discretion. Click Here for a list of accepted and excluded items. If you question  whether or not we will accept an item’s condition, leave it home. Please remember you may bring no more than 350 items (total). We also limit shoes to 15 pairs per consignor and  infant clothing is limited to 25 items total per gender in sizes 0-18 months (this includes 18/24 months).

How to Prepare Your Merchandise

Clothes should be freshly laundered, pressed and neatly hung.  All other items should be wiped clean.

 Click here for detailed instructions & tips on preparing your items!

1. Gather the following tagging supplies

  • White card stock only (65-67lb suggested) NO PAPER.
  • String, zip ties (find at most hardware or home improvement stores) or ribbon (to attach tags to toys, equipment, etc)
  • Child/Adult-sized wire hangers for clothing (NO fabric or plastic tubular hangers). - you can find these at the dry cleaners or check with family friends/Craigs List or FreeCycle
  • Plastic slip or glide lock bags as needed to secure tags, parts or bags of accessories
  • Packing tape, masking tape and/or scotch tape
  • Safety pins (1 inch or larger) or tagging gun for clothing.  If you would like to purchase a tagging gun, like the one in the photo, click below. The price is $14.00 (gun plus 1000 barbs) and includes shipping. If you already own a gun and would like to purchase barbs use the drop-down menu to select  1000 barbs.

IMPORTANT – If you chose to use a tagging gun BE CAREFUL where you pierce your clothing. The needle is larger than a safety pin and you will create a hole wherever you use it. I suggest you pierce the clothing’s tag or in the crease of the armpit to minimize damage.

Supply orders require 24/48 hours processing time. Please factor that time when you order. If you are picking up, you will receive an email with instructions on where to pick up.


Select Quantity

Tagging Gun & Barbs

Purchase Tagging Guns & Barbs

Safety Pins

Select Quantity

2. Gather and organize you items

Separate your clothing by gender and size so that you have one pile per gender per size (for example one pile 2T girls, another 4T boys, another books etc.)

3. Enter/Print Tags        

All items MUST be input into MySaleManager.NET by the TAGGING DEADLINE

Summer 2019: June 27-29

Fall 2019: October 3-5

Tagging Deadline: Mon, June 24th at 12:00pm

Tagging Deadline:  TBA

Login to Tag Your Items
Login to Tag Your Items

Kidzsignments uses a bar coding tagging system for our sale. This system makes our sale extremely efficient!  To register for the upcoming sale (new or returning consignor), please visit the REGISTRATION PAGE and follow the instructions. Your consignor number will be assigned by the system. If you are a returning consignor, your consignor number will change to a numeric number. You will need to set up a user name and password to access your account.  To access your account at anytime click the pink bubble on the top of any page of our website. Once you log in to your homepage look for Work With Consigned Items (Active Inventory) to get started entering items. When you are finished entering you can click I Am Finished for Now and you will be returned to the homepage where you can print tags, view inventory etc.


  • Consignor ID –Your ID will be a 4 digit numerical number assigned to you by our tagging service and will remain the same for all locations and events.             
  • Size – (numerical only no S, M, L, XL for children’s items)
    0-3 Months
    3-6 Months
    6-9 Months
    9-12 Months
    12 Months
    18 Months
    24 Months
    2T, 3T, 4T, 5,6,7,8,9,10,12,14,16 (18 & 20 boys)
    Juniors for girls 0,1,3,5,7,9 and 13

**NOTE: please size infant items according to the first number in the size. For example, an item that is marked 3 months would be size 3-6 months.

  • Category – You will select this from a drop down menu. It is important you are accurate with your choice. Sales tax is charged based on the category.
  • Description – Use this space to sell your item! Is it a name brand? If so, list the name brand in this space. If the item is New or Like New, list that information there too. If an item is marked one size but wears like another, point that out. For larger items, it may be beneficial to point out the item’s original or retail price. This may convince the buyer of the great deal they will be getting.
  • Discount – This will tell us what to sell for ½ price during the half-price sale on Saturday. Check the box if you want your item to be sold at half-price during the half price sale. If the box is not checked, your item will sell at full-price for the length of the sale. Your tag will only reflect your choice of NO DISCOUNT (like in above graphic)
  • Donate – Tell us what items you want to take home with you after the sale. check the box if you want to donate the item. A “Yes” will indicate that you will NOT be taking that item back home after the sale and Kidzsignments will be donating the item on your behalf. C If the box is not checked the system will default to a NO DONATE designation.  NOTE: All items must be picked up at the end of the designated time on Sunday or they will be donated regardless of what is indicated on the tag. Items marked for donation will say DONATE on the tag (see above graphic). If you item is marked as NO DONATE it will blank in that space.
  • Price – Minimum price must be $1 but we suggest a $2 minimum to make it worth your time to prepare. We recommend that you increase in increments of $1 but do allow for .50 increments.  Bundle items together if individually they cannot be priced for $1 or more. Click here for more ideas about pricing your items. For Pricing Help Click Here!

Remember! -  To minimize lost and found items EVERY ITEM MUST include your consignor number separate of the tag. Handwrite onto masking tape or use return address size labels run through your printer with your ID number only. Attach to inside (use sleeve for tops and waistband for bottoms) of each article of clothing  and to the outside of all other items. TIP: Including the price on each label will us to sell the item instead of returning it to you after the sale.

Don’t make handwritten changes or corrections to your tags. Make a new tag if you make a mistake or change your mind about a price. You will NOT be able to make any changes to your tags once they are checked in to the sale. Changes made by hand or entered without a new tag printing will NOT be honored at check-out.

Make sure your barcodes will scan


4. Preparing Items for Tagging


  • All clothing must be on a hanger. Use  wire child-size or adult-sized hangers.  Ask for extras from friends, at your local drycleaner or through Freecycle. Hang clothing so that the hanger hook is facing to the LEFT, and the tag is secured to the FRONT of the garment (see diagram below). It is acceptable to attach the price tag to the garments care tag as long as our tag will hang flat outside of the item.
Pin bottoms to the wire hanger like the picture. Attach the safety pins to the shoulder (top) of the hanger (not the bottom) to avoid the item falling to a corner of the hanger.
Please do not fold bottoms over the hanger.

    *Squeeze the sides of the hangers together and bend to fit smaller sizes better.

Multiple Pieces This picture shows how to hang an outfit.  Hang the shirt as you would hang a normal shirt in your closet and then turn it around and pin the pants to the other side on the hanger.  DO NOT pin the pants to the shirt. This is looking at the outfit from the backside, hence the seemingly backward hanger.

Non-Hanging Items

  • Shoes– Shoes must be new or next-to-new to sell. We will be VERY picky! Shoes can be be tied together with string or ribbon (please do not use safety pins to attach shoes). Attach the tag to the string through the top of the card. Securing attach the tag to the pair of shoes. A second option is to fit the individual pairs of shoes into a smaller sized zip-lock bag.                 
  • Large Items (Infant Equipment, Bikes, Kitchens etc.) – Attach the tag using masking or clear packing tape, zip ties (available at Home Depot)  or a string/ribbon pulled through the hole punch on the tag.  IMPORTANT: Bar Codes CANNOT be covered with tape. The scanner will be unable to read the tag at checkout. Mark the bottom/side of item with a small piece of masking tape listing your consignor ID and price. If the tag is accidentally removed, we will now know whom the item belongs to and be able to sell it. IF YOU ARE SELLING A CRIB OR OTHER ITEM THAT IS DISASSEMBLED, BE SURE TO ASSEMBLE IT AT HOME TO BE SURE THE  ITEM WORKS CORRECTLY AND ALL PIECES ARE ACCOUNTED FOR. YOU WILL BE ASKED TO ASSEMBLE IT AT CONSIGNOR CHECK IN.                 
  • Items with Small Parts/Accessories– Small parts or accessories should be contained in a zip-lock bag and securely closed (with packing tape). This is crucial to prevent the bag being opened and small parts misplaced or lost. Attach the tag using scotch or masking tape so not to damage the tag (or cover the bar code) during checkout. Mark the bottom/side of item with a small piece of masking tape listing your consignor ID. If the tag is accidentally removed, we will now know whom the item belongs to and contact that consignor for new tagging information.                 
  • Toys– Attach tag to the item using scotch or masking tape, zip ties or string/ribbon. Make sure tag is secure. We will NOT sell any item without a tag.                 
  • Books – Attach tag to the inside cover of the book. Multiple books can be placed in a Ziploc style bag with tag attached to cover or slipped inside (must be visible to shopper). Attach tags using scotch or masking tape only. Packing tape may result in damage to the book during checkout. IMPORTANT: Bar Codes CANNOT be covered with tape. The scanner will be unable to read the tag at checkout.                 
  • DVDs – Review all DVDs prior to tagging. Attach tags using scotch tape only. Packing tape may result in damage to  the only (do not cover bar code).  during checkout.

NOTE: We may ask you to  assembled  items onsite. Please provide us with instructions on assembly/disassembly so the buyer is confident she/she will know how to set up at hom