Consignor Tagging Supplies

We do not require consignors to purchase tagging supplies from us. All orders are porch pick up at my home in Flemington. The tagging gun/barbs combo is the only item that we ship and the price includes shipping.

For your convenience we offer the following items for purchase:

16 inch wire hangers
2 inch safety pins
Tagging guns
Barbs for tagging guns
Rolls of packing tape
67 lb Card stock

**Supply orders require 24/48 hours processing time. Please factor that time when you order. If you are picking up, you will receive an email with instructions on where to pick up.


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Tagging Gun & Barbs

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Safety Pins

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Scotch Packing Tape (single roll) - $2.50

67 lb Card Stock (25 sheets) - $2.59