How to Increase Your Base % as a Consignor

As a consignor you have the option to put in time during the event to help in exchange for a higher percentage.

We need people to help set up racks/shelving, check-in items, work on the floor during the sale, stand at the door, work check out, help customers, coordinate charity donations and other key responsibilities. There is something for everyone!

You DO have to be a registered consignor to help us run the event!

Benefits for Consignors Who Help at the Event

  • Consignors who help receive an increased sales percentage.

    • 12 hours receive 75% (pay us a 25% commission)
    • 8 hours receive 75% (pay us a 25% commission)
    • 4 hours receive 65% (pay us a 35% commission)
    • 0 hours receive base rate of 60% (pay us a 40% commission)
  • When you help you shop the sale first!

    • 12 hours at 12 pm
    • 8 hours at 1pm
    • 4 hours at 2pm
  • When you help at the your sale you help to make it the best it can be which will result in higher sales for everyone.

Our Agreement

Kidzsignments pays consignors who help a bonus for their time. If you sign up, we are counting on you to follow through.In the event you do not fulfill their obligation, or find a comparable replacement, you risk losing the option of participating at future events. Please understand that these guidelines have been put in to place to maintain a high quality sale. Click HERE to view and complete agreement.

BEST DEAL! –  12-hours and be the FIRST to shop at noon at the Wednesday presale! (if you want to participate, register for 3 shifts) .

Available Times

Spring Sale - April 2-4

Summer 2020
coming soon!
coming soon!




Some FAQ About How to Earn More

Am I required to help in order to consign?

No. You will still earn your consignor preview sale privileges but earn the minimum of 60% on your sold items. A minimum of 4 hours bumps your percentage to 65%.

What will I receive in exchange for my time?

Consignors  who give 4-hours will earn 65% and shop before consignors. Consignors who give 8-hours (or two 4-hour slots) will earn 75% AND shop before the 4-hour  group and the consignors. Best Deal! Give us 12 hours and earn 75% PLUS shop the sale at 12:00 pm on Wednesday!

Can I help with things before the sale?

Yes. We are always looking for help publicizing the sale, setting up racks, passing out fliers and much more. If you would like to do something prior to the sale, let us know and we will give you credit for it. There are a limited number of opportunities available.

May I help in smaller increments instead of 4 hours in a row?

We prefer that you can give us 4 straight hours. We will make accommodations
wherever we can. Please let us know if you would prefer to break up time instead and we will work with your schedule.

May I bring my children with me while I help?

No. It will be too difficult for you to  watch the little ones at the same time.
If you have an extenuating circumstance, please let us know Mothers  who are nursing small infants may bring their baby  (because of obvious safety concerns, select a time  that we are closed to the public). NO CHILDREN ALLOWED IF YOU ARE HELPING AT ANY TIME DURING THE PUBLIC EVENY

What days/times are available?

Help is needed the first day of drop off and  through Monday after. You may check out all the options on the Earn More page or Click Here

Do I have to be a consignor to help?

YES. Anyone who helps with the sale MUST also be a consignor. There is not minimum to consign and we can help you set up an account to sell a few things if you prefer. 

What if I want to change times after I've signed up?

You are allowed to change or cancel your times without penalty up to the Saturday before the sale begins. To change or delete your shift, Click Here.

What will happen if I do not show up to help during the times I requested OR cancel 7 days or less before the sale begins?

If you agree to help, we are counting on you to follow through. In the event a consignor does not fulfill their selected time(s), or find a comparable replacement, the consignor risks not being allowed to participate again or  in future preview sale. Please understand that these guidelines have been put in to place to maintain a high quality event.

email with your questions!